Auditions for “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” will be Saturday, December 14 from 10 am to 12:00 pm and 4 pm to 6 pm and again Monday, December 16 from 7 pm to 10:00 pm, held at Hodgson Studio of Music and Drama at 814 W. Walnut Ave in Duncan.

Certain roles will require further callbacks on December 17 at 6 pm. More information will be given out during auditions.

“Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” calls for a fairly large cast, including 19 named roles plus a large ensemble. We need actors, singers and dancers of all ages. We are seeking strong dancers for our brides and grooms and will feature many dancers as townspeople as well. Most roles are for teenagers and adults, but we will be casting children (age 6 and up), teenagers, and adults in the ensemble. The time commitment required of ensemble members will be less than the lead roles, as there are only a few ensemble numbers in the show.

Anyone wishing to help with another area of the production (painting, costumes, set) may come by auditions and share their contact information or contact one of our producers directly.

Rehearsals will be held Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings as well as some Saturday afternoons commencing January 6. Most cast members will not be called to rehearsal every day, BUT must be prepared to attend any rehearsals in which they are called. Upon move-in to the Simmons Center Theater on February 16, rehearsals will be held Monday-Friday for all cast members nightly until the first performance date. Please come prepared with a list of any conflicts you may have with the rehearsal schedule. (Note: no conflicts after February 16.)

Performances will be held at 7:30 pm on February 27 & 28 and March 6 & 7, as well as 2:00 pm on March 1 at the Simmons Center Theater.

Set in the rough-and-tumble backwoods of Oregon in the 1850s, where every man still took for himself, “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” is a delightful story about creating civilization in the wilderness. When Milly married handsome backwoodsman, Adam, she had no idea she would be responsible for taking care of his six younger brothers as well. Milly quickly whips her rowdy brothers-in-law into shape, and show them how they can court and win beautiful mates of their own. Milly’s plans go dreadfully awry, however, when Adam convinces his brothers to kidnap the girls they like the way the sabine women were kidnapped.

Bursting with boisterous energy, “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” features a large cast, daring dancing, rambunctious fun, and heartfelt romance with a score including the soaring “Wonderful, Wonderful Day,” the hilarious “Bless Her Beautiful Hide,” and the totally absurd “Sobbin’ Women.”

Please visit the Music Theatre International website for additional information on the synopsis and cast information:

If you have any additional questions, please contact us on our Facebook page. We hope you are as excited about this production as we are!


Producers: Teresa Blalock, Loisdawn Jones & Leigh McEntire
Director/Vocal Director: Veronica Hodgson
Choreographer: Cheri Spurgin

Audition Policy

Duncan Little Theatre Audition Policy

To strive for a fair audition process, Duncan Little Theatre will follow this policy in regards to all auditioning and casting activities for all productions.

Duncan Little Theatre auditions are open to anyone who desires to audition.  No show will be pre-cast.  Duncan Little Theatre will strive to cast those they feel will best suit the role and production with the Director and a panel making the selections. The panel will consist of a minimum of three people. Those people will include the Director and Producer(s), with a combination of a Board member, Assistant Director, Stage manager, Vocal director and Choreographer. Any pre-set combination of these roles may be used for the panel and will remain the same throughout the audition process.

First consideration will be given to those who audition in person. Those who cannot be physically present for auditions are encouraged to submit a live video stream (FaceTime, Facebook Live, etc.) at a prearranged time with the panel. No pre-recorded video submissions will be allowed for auditions. Someone who cannot make the scheduled audition times in person can schedule an alternative audition date if all the panel members are available, but those alternative dates cannot be any earlier than two weeks prior to the auditions.  

Callbacks are optional but will be decided upon when the production team sets the audition dates.  Callbacks must be in person. In case of an emergency and at the discretion of the panel, an alternative time can be provided.

Duncan LittleTheatre will never allow favoritism to be shown at an audition. Every audition will begin from a level playing field.

Duncan Little Theatre will always strive to make the audition process open and polite. Every auditioner will be shown appreciation for their willingness to audition.

Duncan Little Theatre will always present a prepared audition process. Auditioners’ time will always be a consideration.

Duncan Little Theatre will strive to provide timely notification throughout the casting process. All auditioners will be notified as soon as possible regarding casting decisions.